Meet the Committee Members

The members of the Committee are appointed by the Alexandria City Council for a 2-year term. Each member is committed to attending monthly meetings and completing projects that advance the relationship between the Cities of Dundee, Scotland; Helsingborg, Sweden; and the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

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Interested in serving on the committee? Board, committee and commission vacancy announcements are posted on the City of Alexandria’s site. Be sure to pay attention to the due dates as all applications are forwarded on to the City Council for approval.

  • 16 Voting members:
    • 14 Citizen Members
    • 2 Members from the Alexandria-Gyumri Sister City Committee
    • Non-Voting Member: 1 City Council Member

Term of Service:


City Staff Contact:

Gretchen Bulova, Office of Historic Alexandria

City Council Contact:

Councilman John Chapman

List of Members:

  • Stacie Andersen, Vice-Chair
  • Paul Anderson
  • Hendrick Booz, Treasurer
  • Eric Compton, Secretary
  • Christopher Doorley
  • Maureen Dugan, Chair
  • Melissa Kelly
  • Dana Linnet, Whisky Tasting Committee Chair
  • Esther Massey
  • Hannah Reese
  • John Scales
  • Leslie Tourigny

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