Meet the Alexandria Sister City – Helsingborg

Alexandria's Sister CitiesOne of the nation’s oldest cities, Helsingborg is located in southern Sweden, approximately 30 miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Located in the Öresund District, Helsingborg sits at the narrowest point between Sweden and Denmark.

The city’s strategic position has been historically significant. Landborgen – the ridge above the city – was ideal for controlling the Strait of Öresund, and a simple fortress was built here.  In the 12th century, this was replaced by a mighty castle and, in the 1300s, a tower (now known as Käman) was added; it is still standing today.

Modern Helsingborg is home to the country’s biggest ports and many large manufacturing industries that rely on efficient transportation.  However, Helsingborg is becoming a modern cultural center as well, featuring a lively music, art, film, and theatre scene.  Additionally, Kullagatan, the main pedestrian shopping street in the city, was the first pedestrian shopping street in Sweden.

The Alexandria Sister Cities Committee has hosted the renowned Helsingborg Symphony and delegations of city officials on numerous occasions.  Student exchanges are a regular occurrence and Helsingborg students, including the Lucia Maidens who commemorate the feast of St. Lucia, have performed concerts in Alexandria.

Fun facts about Helsingborg

  • People have been settled on the site occupied by the city since May 1085.
  • IKEA has its international corporate headquarters in the city
  • The garden outside Sofiero Castle was names “Europe’s Best Park” in 2010.
  • Tropikariet, the city’s small zoo, allows some of its animals to roam free of cages, meaning they will share the same space as visitors!

Information taken from Wikipedia and the official Helsingborg website.