Meet the Alexandria Sister Cities – Dundee

Dundee, Scotland


Dundee across the Tay Bridge in Scotland, UK on August 14th 2002

Dundee, the fourth-largest city in Scotland, is situated along the River Tay in the eastern central lowlands. Officially chartered as a city in the late 12th-century, the area surrounding Dundee has been inhabited since the Mesolithic era (~10,000 BC).

Modern Dundee is a booming community, full of diverse citizens, businesses, and the arts – similar to Alexandria! A tour of Dundee entertains visitors to a microcosm of Scottish history from the Middle Ages through the English Civil Wars and Industrial Revolution to a modern, global, technology-driven community.

Fun facts about Dundee

  • The city’s informal epithet is “jute, jam and journalism”
  • Robert Falcon Scott’s RSS Discovery, with which he used to explore the Antarctic, was built in Dundee and is currently housed in the city harbor.
  • Dundee has two universities – the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee
  • In terms of demographics, the 30-44 age group is the largest portion of the population (20%)
  • Natives of Dundee are called Dundonians.
  • The actor Brian Cox is from Dundee, and the authors Kate Atkinson, Mary Shelley, John Burnside, and Neil Forsyth have all lived in the city.
  • The band Snow Patrol was formed by students at the University of Dundee
  • Dundee has three professional sports teams: Dundee (soccer), Dundee United (soccer), and Dundee Stars (hockey)

Facts from Wikipedia and Visit Scotland

The Dundee-Alexandria Twinning Association

Additional Alexandria Sister Cities Committees

Alexandria-Caen Committee



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